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Grow Your Book of Business

In this seminar with Bob Salvas, you will learn the three most important areas to focus on when marketing for start-ups and established businesses.

In today’s competitive business world, business people are competing both with local and non-local businesses for a share of the market.  Additionally, there are too many events to go to, too many things to do and too many ways to spend on marketing and sales initiatives.  Given these circumstances, what is a small business person to do with their limited time and resources?  Join SCORE counselor and marketing consultant Bob Salvas as he discusses the three business development areas that EVERY business should pay attention to if growth and long-term success are their goals.

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“Attending a seminar featuring Bob Salvas is a treat as he is a gifted public speaker as well as a prolific and astute content creator who knows how to keep an audience engaged. If you're wondering if you should attend, you should. If you’re wondering if it will be worth your time, it will. If you're wondering if you will get anything out of it, you will. If you’re wondering if you’ll enjoy it, you will. If you’re wondering if you’ll be bored, you will not. Take a chance and learn something from someone who not only knows what he’s talking about but also knows how to deliver it.”

-Steve Mason, Commercial Photographer

Bob Salvas is a marketing consultant with over 30 years of experience in his field.  He is the owner of Bob Salvas Consulting and the coordinator of 4th Monday Networking, a monthly small business networking event that takes place in North Attleboro MA.   Bob is a certified SCORE counselor and SCORE seminar presenter.  He has given many seminars over the years on a variety of marketing and business topics to a variety of audiences at local, regional and national events.  Bob can be reached via email at bob@bobsalvas.com.

To learn more about SCORE, visit https://ri.score.org/.




Tuesday, June 4, 2019
9:30am - 11:30am
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