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Pet Rock Painting

Pet Rock Painting

Do you know that moment when one person tells you something that another person did a billion years ago and you say, "Wow, that's so lame," but secretly you're also, like, yeah, I'm definitely going to try that when I get home?! Welcome to teen programming!

Pet rocks were a craze in the late 1970s. People bought rocks, painted them, and then kept them as pets. Yeah. I kid you not.




Pet rocks. An idea so awful we just had to do it! Miss Becky and Miss Christina were obviously far too young to have owned a pet rock *cough cough* so when they heard about this crazy fad they decided to relive...I mean, try for the first time to make their own pet rocks. For the first time. Ever. They never, ever owned a pet rock before, and this will be the very first time and they are excited to do this for the first time in their entire lives and Miss Christina really hopes to name her pet rock Albert the Second and not because there was an Albert the First that she left outside one day and the neighbor's dog peed on it so her mother said Albert had to stay outside in the garden and Miss Christina cried and cried and cried...Yes, that didn't happen because that would be weird.

So put on your paint clothes and join us for this very (ironically) cool program.

Oh! And the next time an adult smack talks kids today just ask them about their pet rock collection and BOOM! Mic dropped.


Thursday, January 10, 2019
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Program room
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